The Program

The Center for Workplace Performance (CWP) offers coaching services to professionals with a range of needs and in a variety of circumstances including:

  • executives seeking to extend their leadership impact
  • mid-level managers interested in developing additional competencies
  • professionals in transition

Our comprehensive, data-driven approach accelerates personal growth and effectiveness and mitigates disruption during transitions.

Our most successful coaching clients are those who readily recognize their strengths, but also acknowledge that there are aspects of their habits and behaviors that may be self-defeating and limit their effectiveness.  In these success cases, the client commits to identifying their development needs, exploring their blind spots and actively taking steps to address them.

One of our core beliefs is that careers can stall, plateau, or derail far more quickly from an overextension of a strength than from a significant weakness. Thus, a major objective of our process is to validate your strengths and build on them to achieve the goals you seek.