Jackie Brova's Seven Takeaways

Jackie Brova
  1. What you learn at Penn State is essential. Utilize your network and the connections you can make there. 
  2. Building a resume is a lifelong process. At the end of every year assess what you have learned and if you are more employable.
  3. Learn the language of the business. This will be an advantage in your career and give you a better understanding, as well as more insight.
  4. Learn the numbers and get comfortable with using them. Numbers are your friend, and are very important in every aspect of a business.
  5. The power of communication. Communication and listening skills are at the utmost importance for interpersonal and companywide performance.
  6. Learn how to connect. In a single day you could be in a multitude of meetings and conversations around a business. Learn how to effectively make ties and connections in every single one. The ability to continuously expand your network is always a valued skill to have.
  7. People who work hard have more luck than those who do not work as hard. Luck and accomplishment come to those who value and reach for it.