Teaching Resources

Several videos on workers' rights which might be used for class presentations:


Survivor of Bangladesh's Tazreen Factory Fire Urges U.S. Retailers to Stop Blocking Worker Safety (2013)

Bangladeshi worker recounts her experience during the fire in November 2012, with more than 100 workers reported killed in the blaze.




The Model Alliance strives to have fair labor standards implemented for the model industry, from child labor regulation to ensuring fair wages.


This short video that explains their cause.




Hidden Face of Globalization (2008)

A video about the dangers workers have faced in the garment industry in Bangladesh for over a decade.





Alta Gracia: A Victory for the Labor Movement! (2011)

United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) support for a unionized factory in the Dominican Republic.

For additional educational resources on Alta Gracia, click here.




Walmart workers from around the world demand better working conditions (2012)

A demonstration in Los Angeles in 2012 brings together Walmart workers from all over the world.




Organizing Export Processing Zones (EPZs)

This educational video explains the negative aspects of relying on EPZs.




Defending Workers' Rights in Export Processing Zones-Difficult but possible (ILO)

This educational video describes methods for organizing so to increase workers’ rights in EPZs.




Right to Work - Real Facts About Right to Work Laws

Professors from Western Michigan University discuss the effects of Right to Work laws in this video.




Fingers to the Bone: Child Farmworkers in the United States

This video by the Human Rights Watch shows the hardships experienced by the over 100,000 children working on farms in the United States.




Globalisation & unions in Argentina (UNI global union video, April 2007)

Chronicles a social crisis in Argentina in 2007 and a trade union action in reaction.




Slave at FOXCONN Factory - The Truth about how your APPLE Product is Made

A brief documentary on the APPLE production process in China and research into the experience of workers' lives.