Tylar Smith

I first chose this program solely on the fact I could get my master's in a shorter period of time which meant saving on tuition and allowing me to get out in the workplace a year sooner.  After being at Penn State, I realized there are so many more reasons why one should choose this program: the opportunities within this program are endless and easily accessible!

This program has not only taught me about Labor and Employment Relations, but it has also taught me how to network, the proper etiquette in the workplace and during interviews, and most importantly self-confidence. The connections this program allows students to make is remarkable and has exceeded far beyond any of my expectations. The program is made up of a group of students who are not here just to get a Penn State degree, but are dedicated and truly excited to succeed in this field.  

The HRER master’s program at Penn State is above and beyond any other. I feel the program has not only allowed me to join a Penn State Family, but also a member of the PSU HRER family. Every one you encounter during this program from advisors, professors, classmates and mentors go above and beyond to help you grow as a young professional. Once a part of this family, you want to help each other become as successful as possible.  

Program: Integrated BS in LER and MS in HRER
Graduation Year: BS LER 2019 & MPS HRER 2020
Hometown:  Needmore, PA

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