Andrea Frank

I completed my undergraduate degree at Penn State in psychology. I was looking for a way to apply psychology to a more practice-oriented profession. Around the time that I was reflecting on my future aspirations and had decided that HR was a good fit for me, I received an email about the HRER master's program that mentioned my ability to apply without having to take the GREs because of my GPA and relevant bachelor's degree. The timing clicked, and I applied to the program to go straight through and complete my master's degree right away. It was alluring to me that the program promised to prepare me for a career as a human resources professional within two years. I feel that that promise was definitely upheld.

The HRER master's program has taught me how to strategically practice HRM within two years. I did not have any background knowledge about the best HR practices or strategic choices for a firm to make prior to the master's program, and now I feel that I am well-prepared to be a great asset to future employers. Beyond the curriculum, the program also provided ample resources for help with the internship/job search and application and interview process. I attained a great internship with Raytheon in their Leadership Development Program, and now feel that I have a promising future in HRM when I graduate and begin working full time. Our program's connections to a wide variety of employers is a great resource for jump-starting a professional career.

All of the professors in our program demonstrate passion and expertise in their areas of HRM, and they encourage excellence in every student. As mentioned before, the resources for career counseling and help with the internship/job process is exceptionally helpful for students with any level of experience. The implementation of the Stan Gully Student Development Program also is exciting and promising, as it will help students to personally develop their leadership skills prior to entering the workforce. 

Program: MS in HRER
Graduation Year
: May 2019
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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