First IHRM Project Paper Development Workshop held at UQ Brisbane

2014 conference groupIn March 2014, the IHRM Project held the first of what is hoped to be many future Paper Development Workshops as part of one of its goals to encourage IHRM scholarly research. The PDW was hosted by the University of Queensland Business School in Brisbane, Australia. Charmin Härtel (Professor of Human Resource Management and Organizational Development at UQ Business School) and Maria Beamond (PhD Candidate at UQ Business School) were the co-organizers of the event, along with Elaine Farndale from the IHRM Project. Mohan Thite (Griffith University) and Karin Sanders (Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales) were invited guest speakers at the event. 

The PDW was designed primarily for junior academics and PhD students looking to improve their publishing skills in the HRM field, and included plenary panel presentations and in-depth roundtable discussions. Eighteen PhD candidates participated in the lively event, all sharing their research ideas and receiving detailed feedback on the papers they presented. 

Sandra Hartl from Macquarie University was the recipient of the travel scholarship award present by the IHRM Project for her paper entitled “How does the influence of culture shape conflict management and dispute resolution strategies in transnational business relationships? – A conceptual framework”.