2014-15 CRANET survey of HRM Policies and Practices

Cranet Survey highlights thumbnailThe CIHRS team has been reaching out to HR managers in organizations across the U.S. to gather data for the latest round of the CRANET survey. CRANET (the Cranfield Network) is a global network of academic institutions carrying out a regular survey of the state of HRM in organizations across more than 40 countries. Participation in the study benefits HR practitioners by benchmarking HRM practices and trends, as well as providing rigorous academic data for future publications and teaching materials. The survey results will be presented in a report that provides an overall picture of HRM in a wide range of organizations across the U.S., as well as being combined with other country results to compare HRM practices worldwide.

If you are an HR manager working in an organization in the U.S. that has 200 or more employees, and would like to be involved in the CRANET survey of HRM policies and practices, send an email to .