Sweden study abroad program

LER 499 (with travel component)

Human Resource Management: The Swedish Experience  

Maymester embedded course (3 credits)


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  • 2 credits Pre-Study Tour during the spring semester and 1 credit for the Maymester
  • Insight into the human resource management (HRM) practices in a culture very different to the USA
  • Study Sweden’s culture and history
  • Explore the Swedish (social welfare) business context


Sweden is particularly interesting to study from an HRM perspective as this social welfare society stands in contrast to many of the approaches taken to HRM in the USA. 

The study tour will be based in Jönköping, which is a very attractive city of 130,000 people, located approximately midway between the two major cities of Stockholm and Gothenburg in Sweden, allowing easy access for visits. It is a very historical area, famous for its matchstick industry!


Explore HRM in Sweden and meet with faculty, students, and local employers in Jönköping, Gothenburg, and Stockholm!


Contact Dr. Mark Gough


Students must apply to register for the class.



Application Process:

Students should email with a one-page statement on why they are interested in taking this class. GPA should be 3.0 or higher - please submit your transcript. A maximum of 7 students will be admitted based on motivation for the class and academic achievement. There is no specific deadline, but once all places are filled, no more applications will be considered. Preference will be given to LER majors.