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Shun “Shaun” Yiu

Graduate Student in Human Resources and Employment Relations

Expected Graduation Date: May 2019

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I believe organization is the unit of social institution that has the most impact on people’s lives. Today, more than half of the population on earth is spending most of their days working in an organization. That is why I dedicated myself to understanding organizations in relation to its people, and hence the study of human resources and organizational behavior. I am particularly drawn to questions regarding the “people” aspects of an organization. Why do some people work together so well and perform exceptionally while some do not? Why do some people love their job while some feel lackluster about their work? Why do some people innovate consistently while others come up with monotonous ideas? I believe answering these questions would have a huge significance in improving people’s work and in turn the betterment of an organization.

To fathom on the answers to these questions, I travelled 10,000 miles from Hong Kong to learn from the best experts in this subject matter at Penn State. I am now a first-year graduate student in the M.S. in Human Resources and Employment Relations program. Through this program, I hope to develop the mindset and skillset to approach these questions, and perhaps bring positive impacts to people in organizations.

Prior to my studies at Penn State, I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Hong Kong, majoring in psychology. During my years at HKU, I have had the privilege to work under various research units of psychology and management. Aside from my studies and work, I very much enjoy choral singing and the delightful moments of harmony associated with it.