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Ryan Winthrop

Integrated Labor and Employment

Relations B.S. and Human Resources and

Employment Relations M.S IUG. program


Club Tennis: Secretary

Expected Graduation Date: May 2019

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From Long Island, New York, Ryan will graduate in May 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. He will then graduate in May 2019 with a Master of Science in Human Resources and Employment Relations. Though interested in both aspects of the program, Ryan wants to pursue more of the Human Resources side. Ryan has a passion for talent flow, training and development, and human capital. This desire also stems from his previous occupation as a summer camp head counselor where he managed and worked with a team of counselors to efficiency accomplish daily tasks and rectify issues. Outside of classes, Ryan is the secretary of Club Tennis, where he is responsible for the organization of dues, paperwork, and registration of new members. Ryan is also involved with Lion Scouts, where as a tour guide, he must interact with prospective families and present information in a relevant manner. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys competing in different sports and games, socializing with friends, and learning about new ways to expand his creative base.