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Michael  Newman

Graduate Student in Human Resources and Employment Relations

Expected Graduation Date: May 2019

Internship: International Paper, Summer 2018

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I am a second year graduate student in the Human Resources and Employment Relations Masters program at the Pennsylvania State University. In 2016, I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, with honors and a double major in English Literature and Sociology.

Last year, in addition to classes, I competed on a team in the International Human Resource Case (Consulting) Competition, focusing on various cross-regional and cultural factors on business decisions. At the end of the year, our team reached the finalist round in Minneapolis, Minnesota among schools from Australia, India, China, and South Korea.

Currently, I am completing my second and final year of graduate school while working as a graduate assistant, expanding my interests in global mobility and sourcing, succession planning, corporate social responsibility, international HR strategies, and change management.

Throughout this school year, I am searching for job opportunities after graduation in May, 2019.

At Penn State, I am working as a coordinator with the Senate Faculty Office. In addition to classes and work, I am currently competing in the International Human Resource Case Competition. I am excited to learn more about the field of Human Resources and the quickly evolving world of business.

Outside of classes, I enjoy reading—really everything—from literary fiction (my personal favorite) to business journalism. Additionally, I enjoy the peace of nature, watching basketball, and good conversation.

I am looking to pursue an internship in Human Resources for the summer of 2018, working toward my goal of becoming a Human Resource professional after graduation.