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Kallie Rasp

Integrated Labor and Employment

Relations B.S. and Human Resources and

Employment Relations M.S IUG. program

Expected Graduation Date: May 2019

Internship: Shurtape Technologies, Summer 2018

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Kallie is a first-year graduate student in the IUG Labor and Employment Relations/Human Resources and Employment Relations program at Penn State. In addition to the IUG program Kallie has a minor in Health Policy and Administration. She will be graduating in May 2018 with her Undergraduate degree in Labor and Employment Relations B.S. and then in May 2019 with her Masters in Human Resources and Employment Relations.

This past summer Kallie obtained an internship with Shurtape Technologies in Hickory, North Carolina. Shurtape is one of the largest tape manufacturers that proudly serves a variety of markets from painting and packaging to HVAC and transportation. They also own the brands Duck Tape, Frog Tape, and T-Rex Tape. While working for Shurtape she could assist in many general HR projects and administrative duties.

During her academic year Kallie stays readily involved with the school on top of her rigorous schedule. She has been a part of the sorority Alpha Chi Omega since the start of her freshmen year where she was elected THON chair, tutored her peers academically, and helped coordinate the recruitment committee. Aside from the sorority she is highly involved with the society of Labor Studies and Employment Relations and society of Human Resource Management. Both clubs have monthly meetings where they discuss the current topics related to the Labor and Employment Relations field, innovations in technology, recruiting, and design techniques with her peers.

Over the next coming year, she hopes to expand her skill set and knowledge base in the classroom to help later in the field of Human Resources. This will enable her to stay up to date with the constant evolution of recruitment, training, and retention processes.