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Ruixin "Ricci" Wang

Graduate Student in Human Resources and Employment Relations

Expected Graduation Date: May 2019

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Ricci Wang is a first-year graduate student in the Human Resources and Employment Relations program and was a Hospitality undergraduate with an LER minor at Penn State University. She found her passion in the HR field early when she took Organizational Behavior class, and later, introduction Psychology and HR class, where she learned the theories behind human behaviors and how to interpret them.

After graduation as a Hospitality major, she took a gap year and worked as a front desk agent at Holiday Inn in China. During this job experience where she had to directly deal with guests every second, Ricci managed to learn a new computing system quickly and work under great pressure. She also began to understand the definition and importance of human resources that every employee could be a human resource manager when they try to maximize customers’ satisfaction and create returned guests, which could be achieved through various ways such as motivation and compensation. HR is the glue connecting the management, employees, and customers.

As a future HR professional, Ricci is especially interested in staffing, performance appraisal and consulting. Her ultimate career goal is to be an HR consultant at the UN. She is also passionate about learning HR practices in different organizations and welcomes other career opportunities as well.