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Matthew Jentis

Integrated Labor and Employment

Relations B.S. and Human Resources and

Employment Relations M.S IUG. program

Bachelor’s of Arts in Spanish Language

Penn State Schreyer’s Honors College

Penn State’s United Students Against Sweatshops: Vice President

Resident Assistant at Penn State Residence Life

Expected Graduation Date: May 2019

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My name is Matthew Jentis and I am senior at Penn State’s School of Labor and Employment Relations.  I will be graduating with a duel degree, in labor and employment relations and Spanish language, by May 2018.  I am also a member of the Penn State Schreyer’s Honors College and am developing a thesis on comparative human resources between the Dominican Republic and Spain.

I am also a first year student in the Integrated Undergraduate- Graduate Master’s program for human resources and Employment Relations at Penn State.  My goal through the Master’s Program is to combine my passion for international cultures and work on a global stage upon graduation.  I am near fluent in Spanish and hope to use my translation skills to communicate and enforce labor policies with workers from around the world.

I also have many hobbies and interests that I pursue both at Penn State and while I am not at school during the summer.  I have an especially strong interest in travel.  This year during the summer, I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain as well as backpacked to 11 European countries. Additionally, some of my other passions include language, music performance, and community service.  At Penn State, I enjoy participating in the annual 46 hour Penn State Dance Marathon held every February in the fight against childhood cancer as well as spending time with friends. 

I grew up in New Jersey and visit New York on a frequent basis.  Since coming to Penn State, I have found my second home and have been given countless opportunities to pursue my interests and passions.  I am looking forward to completing the Integrated Undergraduate Master’s Program in human resources to expand my knowledge about the field on an international stage.