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You are here: Home / News / School of LER Sends Six to Academy of Management National Conference

School of LER Sends Six to Academy of Management National Conference

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The School of Labor and Employment Relations recently sent six faculty members to the national conference of the Academy of Management (AOM) in Chicago from Aug. 10 to 14. Elaine Farndale, associate professor of human resource management and director of the Center for International Human Resource Studies, was awarded the Scholarly International Human Resource Management Paper award in the human resources division for 2018.

The International Theme Committee is tasked with encouraging AOM members to provide exposure for organizational scholarship being conducted around the world. The committee members improve academy members' understanding of international business trade and other forms of organizational transactions.

“I’m delighted to become involved in the internationalization of the Academy of Management as a whole, expanding on my previous work with the Human Resources Division within AOM,” said Farndale. “In this five-year term, I look forward to exploring how we can continue to expand the activities of AOM to be ever more inclusive of management scholars worldwide.”

Penn State also had five more professors attend the 78th annual meeting: associate professors Jean Phillips and Sumita Raghuram, assistant professors Hee Man Park and Dorothea Roumpi, and assistant teaching professor Bora Kwon.  

Raghuram was a discussant on a panel about commuting to work and well-being, and the importance of such research in the industry of employment and human resource management. Raghuram also presented research on the topic of telecommuting, and how virtual workplaces are bridging the gap for employers, as well as presented “A Guide to International Visiting and Sabbatical Positions.”

Phillips, along with Raghuram and Park, made up the trio of coordinators of the session titled “Benefits and Pitfalls of Technology in the Classroom,” where they discussed the presence of personal technology in classes and whether or not those technologies enable or hinder teaching effectiveness.

Additionally, Roumpi was a recognized author during the session of “New Directions in Compensation Research,” for her work on “Individual Pay Variability Over Time and Turnover Outcomes in the Trucking Industry.” The paper proposes that pay variability over time creates uncertainty for employees, and as a result, increases the likelihood of turnover.