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MS in Human Resources and Employment Relations

The Master of Science in Human Resources and Employment Relations (HRER) is a two–year, 37-credit program. It prepares students to (1) understand the roles of employers, employee organizations, and public policy makers play in the employment relationship, (2) analyze systematically and understand the complex personal and organizational issues inherent in the employment relationship, (3) evaluate research results in the process of administering labor and human resource systems, (4) undertake advanced graduate or professional training, including law, beyond the master’s degree, and (5) work as practitioners in the field. Further, the program highlights the growing importance of diversity in the workforce and the globalization of public and private organizations.

Career Opportunities for MS in HRER Grads

Graduates of the Penn State HRER master's program have great success when they enter the job market. Ninety-five percent of our alums have at least one job offer prior to graduation. Many have multiple offers. Earning a master's degree usually results in salaries that are $15,000-$30,000 above those of undergraduates entering similar fields. Starting salaries generally range from $50,000-$85,000. While most students find jobs with corporations, employment opportunities also are available in unions, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.