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Natasha Roberts

Integrated Labor Studies and Employment

Relations B.S. and Human Resources and

Employment Relations M.S IUG. program

Mentee Coordinator: BLUEprint

Expected Graduation Date: May 2019

Accepted Internship position with PNC- Summer 2017

Curriculum Vitae

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From Westchester, New York, Natasha Roberts will graduate in May 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Labor and Employment, Bachelor of Art in Psychology and Master of Science in Human Resources and Employment Relations. Additionally, Natasha is in the Schreyer Honors College as well as a Paterno Fellow, a program for Liberal Arts majors through the honors college. Outside of classes, Natasha is a member of SHRM and actively involved in a peer-mentoring organization called BLUEprint. BLUEprint serves to help first year and change of campus students of color become acclimated to campus through peer mentoring and a series of programs. Within BLUEprint, she has held various leadership positions on the Planning Committee and has achieved level 1 certification for mentoring. Furthermore, Natasha enjoys learning about different cultures and plans to study abroad before graduation and hope to become a leading figure within the Human Resource field.