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Isaac Adjei

Isaac Adjei

Master’s Degree in Labor and Global Workers' Rights

Expected Graduation: August 2018



I am a Graduate student of the School of Labor and Employment Relations at Pennsylvania State University. In August 2018, I will be graduating with Masters of Professional Studies (MPS) in Labor and Global Workers’ Rights (LGWR).

In addition to my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communications and Management, I have had training in Private Sector Growth Strategies, at the Swedish Institute of Public Administration (SIPU, Sweden), which covered subjects such as Private Sector Development, Internationalization and the global and regional context, Strategies for enterprise development, and Leadership for change implementation;  I have also had training in Labor Market Information Systems, from the African Regional Labor Administration Center (ARLAC), Zimbabwe, which dealt with subjects such as Application of labor market information systems for effective labor administration, and decent work; A training in ECOWAS Trade Liberalization Scheme (ETLS), Ghana, which dealt with ECOWAS Protocol and regulations on ETLS; overview on ETLS and its operational mechanism; practical guide for filling the application form for admission to ETLS; check-list for the review of applications to ETLS for onwards transmission to ECOWAS Commission; elements of the documentation to be submitted to the ECOWAS Commission by a member state for the approval of procedure for the establishment and verification; role of the customs service with the National Approvals Committee (NAC) under ETLS; Practical exercises on determining the community rules of origin of ECOWAS and on screening of applications for approval under ETLS, using the check-list; A training in Business and Entrepreneurship, from Drake University, Iowa, USA, as a 2017 Mandela Washington Fellow which covered subjects such as.

Over the years, I have been a full-fledged member of the Business and Human Rights Network of Liberia, advocating to ensure that employers treat their workers with dignity and respect; and Journalists for Human Rights (JHR), which is dedicated to reporting human rights-related issues affecting Liberians. I have also served as the Secretary-General of the Telecommunications Workers Union of Liberia, which is primarily dedicated to advocating better terms of work for field agents of Telecommunications companies in Liberia.

Also, based on my entrepreneurial instincts, I started Zenith Business Development Consultants (ZBDC), which is based in Liberia and is dedicated to providing consultancy services to both local and international investors intending to do business in Liberia. I also provide consultancy for already established businesses with Liberia.

My passion in helping people, stems from my difficult childhood experiences, having lived through several years of war in Liberia, and had to migrate to Ghana as a refugee in 1991-94; and 1996-1998, respectively, where I endured some of the worst forms of child labor. My motivation is drawn from my desire to ensure that other people do not experience what I experienced.

During my spare time, I am a motivational speaker, mentor, teacher, and a musician.