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Chen Weixiang

Chen Weixiang

Master’s Degree in Labor and Global Workers' Rights

Expected Graduation: August 2018


I am a Penn State graduate student of Labor and Global Workers’ Rights in Global Labor University Mater Program, planning to graduate in August, 2018.

I gained my Bachelor’s Degree in medicine, and worked as an intern-doctor in hospital for one year. However, I engaged in labor movement for nearly six years as a labor activist and student activist in China. This is a considerable and unusual change for a “doctor-to-be”, but for me, it is not only my responsibility as a “son of labor” (from the working class), but also a significant career choice to fight for labor rights. I am committed to advancing labor rights and fighting for the awakening of labor consciousness in my future career.

My main experiences in labor sector are student organizing and workers’ strike supporting. When was a undergraduate, I founded a 15-student team called Campus Workers Concern Group to do survey and publish our report about the working condition of campus workers and successfully improved the condition after negotiating with University. Also, I wrote public articles advocating labor rights, and encouraged students to get involved in labor strikes, as well as provided some advice for striking workers, so as to strengthen the voice for workers in the labor movement and promote the improvement of labor policies.