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Andrew Pearlman

Graduate Student in Human Resources and Employment Relations

Expected Graduation Date: May 2018


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I received my B.B.A from Hofstra University in Entrepreneurship in the Zarb School of Business. As a business major, introduction to law is mandatory and was taught by a very charismatic professor. Throughout the duration of the course, he told us of his experiences involving unions as a mediator and arbitrator; his stories made me hooked on law. After doing well in college, and thinking I found my calling, I set out to follow in my professor’s shoes and applied for and was accepted into New York Law school.  After spending one year in law school, I discovered it was not my calling after all.

After months of soul searching and extensive research, I was led to Penn State’s School of Labor and Employment Relations. Reading about Penn State’s program enabled me to realize that the possibility of a career in the field of human resources and employment relations was still in sight, and I was thankfully accepted into their amazing program.

The events of my past and being accepted into Penn State’s School of Labor and Employment Relations shows that I have the spirit, the will to win and the will to excel. It does not matter how many times you get knocked down, all that matters is how many times you keep standing up.