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Jara Samosky

Integrated Labor Studies and Employment

Relations B.S. and Human Resources and

Employment Relations M.S IUG. program

Expected Graduation Date: May 2018

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Jara is enrolled in her first year of the Integrated Undergraduate Graduate program. She will graduate in the spring of 2018, with her Masters of Science in Human Resources and Employment Relations, and her Bachelors of Science in Labor and Employment Relations. She has studied two concentrations to go along with her Bachelors degree, which include Organizational Leadership and Human Resources. She also has a minor in psychology, because she has always been very interested in human interaction in business settings, which is integral in the field of Human Resources.

Her past experience includes interning for Michael Baker International last summer, working between the downtown and corporate office in Pittsburgh, Pa. Her main focus was compensation and benefits, yet she was exposed to a few other facets of HR. During her time there, she put to use her learned knowledge from the classroom and applied it to a true corporate work environment. She learned a lot from her experience interning there, and is extremely eager to continue to learn, development, and grow as a Human Resources Professional.

She is extremely passionate about this field, and is very intrigued to learn more in depth about the concepts and theories of labor relations, and how they apply to HR business functions and operations. Throughout the next year, she would like to capitalize on her strengths and make them stronger, while improving her weaknesses and turning them into strengths through this program. As a future Human Resources practitioner, she hopes to one day be involved in providing the overall direction of a competitive organization, while selecting the right strategies to achieve the long term goal. She also hopes to truly inspire and motivate others, and is excited to begin her career in human resources!