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Internship & Job Opportunities


 Internships are one of the most important things you can do while a student at Penn State. They can help you decide whether a given career path is right for you by taking you “on the job” and giving you a real sense of what is involved in a certain job.  And they can give you practical experience in your field, something that can extremely helpful when you begin your search for a post-graduation job.

LER students are responsible for finding their own internships or jobs, but the School can be very helpful as you conduct a search for the right internship.  A first step in this process is determining the kind of work you think you would like to gain experience in (i.e. human resource management, labor and employment relations, union organizing and representation, government, law, etc.). You should also think about practical considerations, like whether you can do an unpaid internship or will require one that is paid and the geographic areas where you would like to work.

Early in the process you should meet with the School of LER’s Director and Professor, . He can tell you, in more detail, what the School’s expectations are for internships and give you a better sense of deadlines, registration, and other practical matters.

Once you have an internship arranged, you need to sign up for internship credits. LER students should register for LA 495. Katelyn Perry, LER’s Academic Adviser can help you with the registration process. To begin the process, you will need to download the Internship Packet. Once your internship is complete your field supervisor will need to complete the Field Supervisor Evaluation Form.

The Liberal Arts Career Enrichment Network is a resource for Liberal Arts majors who are seeking opportunities to engage in career-related, international, and professional development activities. Liberal Arts majors interested in internship opportunities, study abroad programs, alumni mentoring opportunities, undergraduate research experiences, or funding sources to help support an enrichment activity should visit the Liberal Arts Career Enrichment Network for more information.

 Liberal Arts majors can also register for an account with the Liberal Arts Career Enrichment Network Symplicity system to search and apply for internship opportunities, upload resumes for review, view important announcements or upcoming events, and schedule appointments with a Network staff member to talk about resumes, specific career interests, or funding opportunities to support enrichment experiences.

 Visit the Liberal Arts Career Enrichment Network website to find out more about the various opportunities

Below is a useful timeline for preparing yourself for a future internship or job.

During your 1st Year (semesters 1 and 2)

  • Attend career fairs and workshop events that are interesting to you.
  • Start preparing your resume.
  • Make a LinkedIn account

When You're a Sophomore (semesters 3 and 4)

  • Have your resume reviewed by a professional
  • Create a Career Services account
  • Create an Network Simplicity account
  • Upload your resume into Career Services website
  • Attend all Alumni networking events
  • Network -- attend career fairs and start meeting potential employers. 

When You're a Junior (semesters 5 and 6)

  • This is an excellent time to participate in the experiential education or internship program -- get some experience in your major this year!
  •  Network -- attend career fairs and start meeting potential employers.

When You're a Senior (semesters 7 and 8 and beyond)

  • You should begin looking for full-time career opportunities at least TWO SEMESTERS prior to graduation. Participate in on-campus interviews.
  • Attend ALL career fairs on and off campus.
  • Attend workshops on job search strategies and interviewing skills.